About us

We are ZWD Bielecki. With 30 years of experience, we distribute certified coffins and cremation urns, marked skilfully by our specialised experts. 

Our productions of coffins began from 1989; and now we became the largest company in the province of ‘Podkarpacie’ in Poland, competing on the international country market. We deliver all around the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. 

The tradition of coffin making started in our family three generations ago. We only use environmentally friendly components and polishings. We will deliver the coffin for free exactly where you need it to be.

What others say about us

We have been working with ZWD Bielecki from their very beginnings (1989), which helped us develop our business. We don’t believe that there are funeral projects they can’t compete, and in our partnership, we value their high quality of products and their availability. We recommend this company through a large, R.
Funeral Services ‘Hades’ in Przemysl
During our journey to find premium products we found ZWD Bielecki, which is clearly a top player on the market. From my perspective, as a buyer, I needed large product availability. The reason why I settled on them is their trustworthiness and reliability in deliveries. I value when a company respects me, as a client, which is why their great communication attracted me.
Funeral Directors ‘Abaal’ in Sandomierz
Our collaboration started a couple of years ago when we were still using our old suppliers. Thanks to the affordable prices and high quality of products, ZWD Bielecki is now my only coffins, caskets and wood distribution partner.
Polish Funeral Care in Rzeszow